JWD: 36 hours to Hell (1969)

Damn, like shit and all! Is every Macaroni flick so freaking good dude!? They Rule!!

Americans on some Island during The Second World war, the island of Rabaul (yes im googling it), to clence the island for Japs after heavy bombing to clence it out for just that; Japs_they have occupied it, the Japs. I have just IMDB it as well and it seems like a few dates are wrong, and it says that the movie is not so historical accurate. This is down under, so even Australia is responding aggressively…i guess. It’s late now and i dont’ wish to use too much time for facts-checks. I really dont’ care to much as well to be honest_im first and formost interested in the movies, B-war movies! But, it’s great! I was throwing down beers upon beers and got some intense macaroni-entertainment thrown back at my face. It is a pretty good war movie, being from Italy and being nearly fifity years old. Adrenaline-filled combat scenes, blood, quick sand, a high body count, suspence and good story telling! And it didnt’ forget to say Cheese, either!