JWD: Steele Justice (1987)


80’s vigilantic badassery! John Steele (Martin Kove) is a Vietnam-vet who is stuggling as a drunken ex-cop with post dramatic stress and who has an on and off releationship with his hot brunette ex-wife, who really has had enough with his troublesome behavior, but she seemlingly just cant’ let go of that sweaty badassness. When his best friend from Nam, who’s also a cop, a really good friend, a husbond and a father…Nha, dont’ wanna spoil it, but i guess you know what’s up already. But have you ever seen one of these million One-Man-Army_vigilante flix?? Yeah, it’s one of those..that kinda buries it’s self with cliches and cheese, but who still survies, rises from gunsmoke and wins our harts. It’s Hard boild, Hard hitting, explotive, violent, hints of inside jobs, dated, chessy, nostalgic, beers and fucking VHS!! A nice old 80’s action flick that tickles the balls, but it doesnt’ escape the cheese and the awkwardness. Still the 80’s was and will forever be the best decade. They dont make movies like these anymore!!