JWD: I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013)

The sequal to the remake of the 1978 rape & revenge-cult-classic!

I am not gonna hold back my feelings for this flick…it’s a good movie! A totaly different story, different locations and different characters then the 1978 cult-classic and it’s 2010 remake. Though the main-girl still looks very the same; young, short, slim, attractive and with long brownish hair. This Spit On Your Grave-movie carries a political comentary on sexual exploitaion of young women who wishes for a career in the modeling industry_whish in some cases can lead to human trafficing. It’s pretty hardcore, a pretty unsettling movie experience and i felt SO bad for the poor girl, and what’s different from the other two movies that came before this spit on the grave; is that I didnt’ feel any sort of sympathy for the sexual predetors this time and what they ended up going through themselves-i was cheering for our main-girl all the way. And she; Jemma Dallender, as ‘Kati’, was in my opionion superb in her role as an angel of vengeance. It’s a horroible subject that unfortunatly exist out there and the eastern european locations made it an even more eerie story to follow. I love eastern european countries though, they have always been fascinating to me and I love visting them. Ok, ‘I Spit On Your Grave 2’ is pretty simple and not very trustworty-plotwise so to speak, but it’s still a very good rape/revenge movie in my book-the emotions are strong, even soul-crunching and it has a nice pase to it to that was relaxing to drink beers to. The ‘Father Dimov’ character is also worth mentioning, which sort of ends up as a mentor-figure for ‘Kati’, our angel of vengeance.