JWD: Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla (2014)

A rather well received, if im not mistaking, Australian dark-drama flick, with an «ice-cream spill» of black comedi on it.

It’s a gem that fits absolutely right in tiny movie sub-genre that some of us likes to call; ‘personal decay’. Similar films that i can think of is for example; the Troma movie; ‘Combat Shock’ (1984_which perhabs is my favorit Troma movie) and ‘White Lightnin’ from 2009-which is my favorit film of the 2000’s. There is at least one or two more movies that i was just thinking about, but my drunken mind wont’ let me have it for the moment. But anyway, this movie focuses around ‘Warren’; he lives a lonely life (dont’ we all) and he’s both madley in love with and totaly obsessed with the local sopa-opera mistress and slowley but dangeorusly, he’s slipping more and more into a false reality where his big cruch is befriending him and even showing him what might be affectional interest. And actor Glenn Maynard as ‘Warren’ is absolutley splendid and you absolutley feel for him in the movie, it’s just damn good fucking acting! I wanna see it again!