JWD: WNUF Halloween Special (2013)

A supposed broadcast that supposedly was broadcasted live on Halloween -night 1987, and it’s so geniusly crafted-that if i didnt’ know any better, i whould have believed it to be real!

This gem is done with so much love and nostalgic longing that it couldnt’ have possibly been made any better then have it turned out, FUCK, it’s flawless!!! The comercial breaks…fuck, man i really have no words for it, im stunned! The picture quality is as late 80’s-local broadcasting-gritty as it could possibly be and…WOW, dude!! Some of it just has to be stock-footage, it just looks to geniue to be otherwise. And so many layers of cliches, tons upon tons and still it feels so fucking autentic-how is it fucking possible!? I felt so damn nostalgic and im not even American! And my admiration go to the networks reporter; ‘Frank Stewart’…got no fucking words (no words)!!! Im just speechless, out of beers and listening to ‘Dance With The dead’…this fine october evening. My jaw was constantly dropping and my blood was bubbling wit joy. One thing though; maybe it got a little to much of the comercials, as they are almost constantly in your face. It didnt bother me, but with maybe a little less comercials breaks and a little more content, i whould have given this gem even more beer.

Camp Motion Pictures!!