JWD: Unhinged (1982)

It’s Halloween night 2017, here in Norway and im full of Halloween-candy and beer. Im out of beer actually, which is fine; it’s a weekday-work tomorrow_ but im still eating that Halloween candy; my kid’s_they have so much of it anyway.

This flick is BADASS, bro. But you sort of have to wait for the climax; that’s were the treats are. It’s an autumnal horror movie and it is actually seposed to be douring October month. Three girlfriends on a roadtrip has had an accident after smoking pot in the car_they hit their heads or somthing and wakes up at this mansion, a very creepy mansion, where a middel aged woman and her demanding, crippled and elderly mother is living alone…apparently.

It’s sort of slow paced, though in a good way-it’s supsenceful, atmospheric and pretty creepy. But most of the acting, escpessialy from the three young girls we are following, is extreamly flat and wooden. Though the atmosphere (i loved the fake lightning), the creepiness, the locations, the scenery and the moody minimalstic keybord music makes up for it. The soundtrack in it’s self really tickled my balls and the middle age woman, ‘Marion’ (Janet Penner), is not an actoress of the bad kind-and her character was interesting and mysterioues. Similar horror flix i’v seen that comes to mind; ‘Psycho’ (1960), ‘Mothers Day’ (1980) and ‘Slaughterhouse’ (1987)…slashers with an «unhealthy releationship to a parent-plot’. It was one of those flix that i didnt’ expect to end up liking as much i did while watching it, but it just got better and the ending was really cool, unsetteling and twisted. An eerie cheesefest!