JWD: The Crater Lake Monster (1977)

A meteor falls from the sky and drops into into Oregon’s Creater Lake and awakens an ancient dinosour egg (because of the heat) and makes it grow big-ass in a blink…into AN EATING MACHINE!!

I love the scenery and the nature shots kicks ass!! And that’s about it really. Well, the actull monster is kinda cool as well i guess and i enjoyed watching the big hard plastic-head being draged over the water like only it’s head is showing above the water crust, more then the animated creature in motion, even though all the effects are so incredibly fake looking-but who can blame them; it’s all about the budget i guess and it is over forty years old and shit. When it comes to the cast and the characters; they are all just extremley flat, wooden and so out of place that my jaw did actully drop. For exemple i can mention the psychopatic drifter/spree-killer, who suddenly appares and get’s mixed up in this lake-monster buissnes, while running from the law-it’s like we’re suddenly watching another movie. But the ones i disliked the most i this film is the married couple who are supposed to be a pair of travling actors. No, just no! I am being synical now, but i couldnt’ stand those two_i wasnt’ even interested to see if they got eaten by the Creater Lake Monster.

I have sort of bitter/sweet feelings towards the two ‘boat-renting buddies’; Arnie and Mitch (??), which are both funny and also not so funny, when there is attempts on comic reliefs. You sort of learn to love them i guess, with a heavy hart. The ending was actually pretty sad by the way and kinda got me a little . Not a good movie, but it slightly has a tiny drop of charm to it.