JWD: Creeps: A Tale of Murder and Mayhem (2013)

«Where do you think you are going, you and your feet»!?

Wow, shit dude! Im just blown away!! A homeage to the ‘shot-on-videos’ of the 80’s done with…WOW!! A bunch of teenage friends from maybe 13 to perhaps 20 years old, has made their own gory and blood splattering movie shot on an «amature camera» (i have no knowledge about that crap) and the locations in the film, is by my understanding, pretty much just their own neigbourhood. The result completely caught me of gard, i was so mother fucking bitch-ass impressed!! The references and old-ass b-movie worship, like the t-shirts that are worn (including a t-shirt with the hardcore band Decendents), the boys room posters and even the acting_that on and off looked to me like direct inspiration from The Polonia Brothers and their cult classic ‘Splatter Farm’; just totaly splattes with retro g(l)ory. The spessial effects as well, that are unbelivable fake looking, but done with so much passion and the editing, the sudden audio fades, the awkward on and off dubbing. Cool ass atmosphere, jaw-droping minmalistic synt-music and those hilarious one- liners that just got me like fuck, dude!! I got nothing more to say really. It’s easier to write down shit about movies that really sucks!! Fuck, been listening to punk music tonight after the movie was over in several sub-generes and fucking my shit and drinking those beers, it’s fucking friday!! This is hilarious, effectiv and genius entertaninment that i will probably re-visit.