JWD: Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck (2007)

‘Hell, if they knew how much i fun i have in here, they’d let me lose’.

True story_serial killer movie about the mass murderer, Richard F. Speck, that was ‘born to raise hell’ and raped and killed eight roomate student nurses in one october night in 1966.

A grim and well made film that focuses on the actuall crimes and murders, done by Richard Speack and the investigation that followed. In the lead roll as Speck himself, we got a very talented veteran actor who dont’ get as much recognition as he deserves; Corin Nemec. A sort of forgotten 90’s -icon with an high coolness factor that i’ve always admired. All of the invovled actors delivers really good here, but it is Corin Nemec who gives this film that extra flavor-it’s like he carries a void within’ him somewhere, were he brings forth all the bad and evil that might exist in him. Most of us carry that in us i guess, some more then others and i really dont’ have to go to far. And Corin is never afraid to act sleazy, he’s really good in his sleazbag/psychopat roles. Check him out as legendary serial killer Ted Bundy in the movie; ‘Bundy: Legacy Of Evil’ (2008) and he’s a sleazbag in ‘Sandsharks’ (2011) as well, were he’s not even a killer. This flick here could have been even a little more in-depth, when it comes to the killer’s background strory, but you get a quite accurate picture of the terrible killer that was Richard F Speck. It’s a good and watchable movie, but for me i think it’s a one time watch, but absolutely worth the while.