JWD: Babysitter Massacre (2013)

All micro-budget horror movies are just all so good-i still havnet’ seen any of these flix that i havent’ liked yet (ok, except for maybe ‘Lucker The Necrophagous’). The 80’s shoot-on-video ones, Of course, but also maybe even more the ones that are made after the 2000’s that pays tribute to the the real old-school low-budgets horror flix of the 80’s, they are done with so much passion and love that it can almost make you cry. This flick is not supposed to capture the 80’s though, it is present day, but the tone of it is that of the old-school_the true hardcore cool stuff.

Lot’s yummy young ladies that made my mouth water with very little or non clothes on. Yummy titts, delicious asses-sweet young women that kinda broke my hart-i just fell in love with each and every one of them. Our main-girl the most though, ‘Angela’, both phsically and mentaly (please marry me!). Every character; you end up liking them all and they all have depth to them. But the one character that fascinated me the most, was the deep-voiced and angry gothic ‘lespo-punk’, she really blew my away-her character had depth and she shocked me towards the end-like a boot in the stomach. I kinda felt like dating her or becoming her buddy and hanging out with her-she is ‘Bianca’, played by Marylee Osborne-a fascinating human. The ‘mom and daughter-scene,’ on the couch, is also worth mentioning and must be said to be a high-light in the film. It’s between ‘Angela’ (played by Erin R. Ryan) and her mom-and it’s powerful and emotional and it really has that human touch to it. Her cougar-mom is hot as hell and i kinda played with the idea in my head that she’s an older version of the self-proclaimed, ‘underdog-artist’, Whitney Payton, who has a beautiful daughter coming of age. The killer is totaly badass and creppy and the setting also kinda has a giallo feel to it. And it’s an Halloween-themed retro-slasher flick.