JWD: Thunder III (1988)

Thunder is apparently not a cop anymore and just wants to live a free life with his people.

But not before long, a group of white redskin-hating soliders on a training mission is drinking booze and shooting wild horses on his land. This awakens the vengeful berzerker in Thunder again and all of a sudden Thunder has the whole troop on his heels and are heading right into his people’s reservation. Another chessy action-filled Thunder movie that entertains-just like the other two.

Truth is though, that i was having myself a whole lot of beers, while trying to watch Thunder 2 & 3 in the same night. I eventually got quite drunk and tired after a hard week, so i more or less passed out on the couch before ‘Thunder 3’ was over and woke up baffled long into the nigth. Im begining to see now that i just cant watch two or three movies in row while drinking through out the whole maraton anymore-i am getting a little older i suppose. I was still enjoying ‘Thunder 3′, even though i cant’ remember how it all ended and next weekend im gonna re-watch the last half of the movie. I liked ‘Thunder’ and ‘Thunder 2’ slightly more then the vibes in ‘Thunder 3’ (i gotta say vibes, since i was not awake through out the whole movie), but i still enjoyed this one alot also. The Thunder-trilogy are badass Italian action b’s from the 80’s, that more or less ripps of the Rambo-consept, and i love that-i often enjoy the ripp-off’s more then the actual classics.