JWD: Thunder II (1987)

A few years has gone by and Thunder returns to his home town, getting in trouble right away with a gang of obnoxious biker bullies-before he runs into his old nemesis; Deputy Rusty Weissner (from the first movie).

But as its turns out, Thunder is now a police officer himself and will start working for the station who tried to hunt him down in the first movie and who along side with the towns bank and a construction firm, made a constuction sight on top of his ancestors burial ground. They treated him like shit, while his grandfather got killed in the prosses and Thunder answered with ‘bulldozing the whole town’, killing a few officers and even scalped a bunch of constuction workers (off screen), after they had beaten him half to death. But that’s in past right, so let’s all be friends and bury the hatchet. Thunder gets tricked by his old nemesis (now his new colleague), who is a corupt cop (and in alliance with the biker-bullies) and Thunder ends up in jail to do hard time and be cooked in the sweat box. But as you might have guessed, nothing can hold Thunder away from his home town and hopefully no one has deared to mess with his pregnant lady.

It’s has an atmospheric soundtrack, even though some of it ends up sounding really corny and awkward-which is just really funny and not necessarily annoying…I had to laugh alot. The 80’s-nostalgia is so thick that it makes me melancholy and sad that it will never return-the cars, the buildings, even the sidewalks and the dust, im all about moods and details you know. The action is badass, very entertaining and one can almost smell the blood, sweat, explotions and the hot ammunition. The story is just dumb and simple, but funny and charming, so it is forgivable. And again, directed by Larry Ludman…MY ASS!!

A picture from ‘Thunder 2’ that will forever be inprinted on my mind; Thunder, in his warrior face paint, behind the wheel of a Thunderbird with a red eagle on the hood-driving through the night…So badass!!