JWD: Thunder (1983)

The obscure and sought after Italian produced Rambo-ripp off, starring Mark ‘Bronx Warrior’ Gregory.

Pretty much the same story as Rambo, only that Thunder is not a nam-vet, but a young native american warrior who comes home to his smal town, only to discover that a construction company_backed up by the local sheriff’s office and the bank, are in the middle of erasing a native american graveyard where his ancestors are resting. Not cool!

The police and constuction workers in this New Mexican town hates indians (except for the sheriff himself, who ‘just has to do his job’). They beat him up, accidentally burns his 100% navaho grandfather to death_but with very little regret, blows up his relatives gas station and takes his wife-to-be for a ride. I was throwing down malty beer after beer and got just what i expected; a simple-storied Italian b-movie that apparently tries hard to look American. Yeah, it’s chessy, you’re so right, but it worked for me! Badass action, real American locations (Arizona, but supposed to be New Mexico) and a moody and more or less 100% spaghetti western-like soundtrack. It’s a simple, but a well directed cheese-fest and our star; Mark Gregory, dosent’ look that much like a native american (he is Italian), but he delivers like a mean bitch, meaning; he is believable, he’s likable and you just end up loving his ass-like Rambo, Robocop and Rocky. And while speaking of asses, ‘Thunder’ is directed by ‘Larry Ludman’…My Ass!! It is directed by Fabrizio De Angelis, a producer/director from the golden age of Italian b-movies, who has worked with people like Lucio Fulci and Enzo G. Castellari. Sometimes, Italian filmakers whould use a more American-sounding name in hopes for the movie sell more. Probably seemed like a good idea back then, but today it’s just really cheesy.