JWD: Psycho Kickboxer (1997)

This is a B-movie allright, this is fucking SO a B-movie!!

‘Alex’ (four times world kickboxing champion; Curtis Bush, who also wrote the story), is left for dead after his sweet girlfriend (his wife to be) and his dad who is a cop has been slayned right before his eyes whilst strung up by corrupt gangsters of the city. And even a man they knew together who represents the law and order are in on it. Our main dude is left for dead in an abandoned warehouse, where he is found and cared for by an older middel aged black dude in a wheelchair, who has seen potenial in this half dead fighter and wishes to use and train him into a vigilantic angle of death. The older man has personal issues with the mob who fucked up Alex and killed his loved ones; they were the ones how put his now new mentor in that wheelchair in the first place.

One of those action B’s that apparently tries to be a ‘serious’ and hard hitting action movie, but that ends up beeing an involuntary (splatter) comedi instead. It is actully rated as an action-horror, do to it’s gory content and hardcore video-violence. ‘Psycho Kickboxer’ is quite entertaining and i loved the minimalistic synt-soundtrack that fits well to the gloomy urban locations. It’s also a very cheesy flick and so is our main dude, Alex, i almost laughed a couple of times. Ok, i did laught, especially of the two awkward radio hosts that follows Alex’s vigilantic moves on the air and naming him; ‘The Dark Angle’. A fun beer-movie at least, if not very great.

Kickboxing champion, who wrote the story and stars in this gem, Curtis Bush, had a long path ahead of him to get his picture done-it took many years from they first started filming to it was done and ready to be shown to the public-and i respect that alot! Curtis Bush grew up being fascinated by film and moviemaking and he also had a smal role in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ (1990), as a foot soldier.