JWD: Psycho Holocaust (2009)

This is some sick shit; hardcore, unsettling, shocking and just incredibly sad. Almost Eric Stanze-sick…almost. And the beer was good; Premium Gold (swedish stuff)..

What you have here is a micro-budget shot-on-videoish backwoods horror- gorebath, shot in the farmy state of Wisconsin way up north in the U.S, released on dvd by Alternative Cinema for Independent Entertainment. Three couples in their late 20’s/early 30’s, is heading out to some cabin to get together like in their old days, before one of the couples is entering partenthood…they should have chosen the beach… (if it’s free for b-movie monsters and animated sharks that is..)

This micro-budget is just a splashing wet dream for geeks of gory and ultra-perverted vintage horror. It even managed to shock yours truly and i caught myself holding one hand over my mouth more then ones. Besides having beatutiful babes, especially our main-girl_the nice blond one_with that tempting running-ass, it’s an all together well made horror-film that manage to entertain all the way. ‘The campers’ was actually likable for ones and you care about what might happen to them. It’s fast-paced, yes, but it delivers the goods. The gem is full of despair and has highly shocking elements and with a heavy political commentary that kicked me so hard in the balls that i felt the urge for throwing up, pissing blood and maybe even cry. Now, over to that blond one again; No, just marry me!!