JWD: Karate Kill (2016)

This is badass underground cinema, that clearly payes tribute to violent and sexual exploitation movies…

A karate master named ‘Kenji’, journeys from Japan to Los Angeles after his sister has been abducted by ‘Capital Massiah’; a deranged internet-snuff cult who the leader, ‘vendenski’, resembles a b-movie legend we lost a little while back; our dear Tomas Millian. And one of his most trust-worthy allies within the cult, a she-devil who goes by the name ‘Simona’, which has long brown hair and wears a patch over her one-eye; clearly is a homage to ‘Thriller-A Crule Picture’ and Christina Lindberg (‘They Called Her One-Eye). And that’s just cool_stuff like that is alot of fun for b-movie geeks like myself. And she is hot like fuck-a sexy vixen! She looks even better off screen_i had to check her IMBD profile.

IT IS an exploiation movie! A very entertaining and violent martial-arts film with a twist, and somewhat different. It’s kinda like i’ve seen this stuff before, but at the same time it’s like im watching somthing new that we will probably see more of in the future. Badass! Violent! And hard hitting_lot’s of sleaz and yummy delicioues asses up close. Another cool gem with beers for bro’s and maybe the ho’s!