JWD: Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong (2011)

If you are one of the few who reads my shit, you might know im a big Full Moon Features fan, though im not the biggest motherfucker for the ‘Evil Bong’-Franchise.

But i’ve had this dvd laying around my lair for a good couple of years or so, so i reckoned i just had to watch it and at least i had a few really good beers to it, of the Bayer kind.

It picks up where the second one ended. Only problem is that i was so wasted when i watched the second Evil Bong movie, but i remember it to be pretty cool and that i enjoyed it more then the first Bong movie. But to be honest like an asshole, i was pretty bored with this one-i was actully twitching like a worm, which most be really weird looking and might be the reason why i end up watching so many movies alone. Often the alcohol cant’ calm me down, but it makes me feel fine, real fine. The character that makes me laugh along though and who makes this series amusing enough to keep on watching them is our main-stoner; ‘Larnell,’ he’s just..you know..you just cant’ be as rad and cool as ‘Larnell-he’s just The #1 stoner! But what i really should have done is to skip this one and payed a revisit to a truly badass spaghetti western; ‘The Ugly Ones’ (1966), starring the legendary Tomas Millian. Out of beer and come on, give me some love!