JWD: Der Commander (1988)

What i have been listening to while putting this ‘review’ together? I’ve been listening to the instrumental synt/rock duo; ‘Dance With The Dead’ and it’s been alot of drinks.

A German/Italian war movie, yes, a so-called macaroni combat; which are Italian war-movies that focuses on nam and/or Americans soldiers fighting in other jungles of Asia_the ones from the 80’s. The ‘macaroni combats’ prior to that, focuses more or less only on WW2 (and those are perhaps the best ones). I didnt’ get hardcore macaroni-vibes from this one, as it resembled more a regular action movie-a jungle-mission with geriljas.

I tried to pay attention to the story, but it was so much dialog and to many parties that was getting involved in this mission, were it is expected to bring back a compact disc that holds top secret secrets. Lot’s of crime-political back stabbing!! There is a whole lot of bitter/sweet cheese here; unconvincing characters, awkward dubbing with broken english and well…alot of just that! You got to watch it your self to experience it and dont forget your alcohol! I tried to keep up with the dialogs, but after a while i started to really dont’ give two fucks and was just waiting for all the action. Yeah, i was interested in the story, but it just got oh so chattery and sofisticated, a lot of fucking BLA..BLA…FUCKING…BLA! The action was badass and that 80’s-keybord music charmed me to my knees. But it kinda sucked. I enjoyed it yes, but i ended up laughing alot of it, and not with it_like a psychopath bully that enjoyes to see someone who is making a fool out of them self. ┬áBut before i go; two very spessial male actors who are no longer with us are in this movie, we love them and their names were Donald Pleasence and Lee Van Cleef.