JWD: Up from the Depths (1979)

No wonder i’ve had a fobia my entire adult life for swimming in the ocean (and even lakes), alone, when i’v been watch Jaws and similar movies all my life.

Just watched this Roger Corman production for the second time, last time was maybe five or six years ago, wasted, yes_i think i even passed out towards the end. I see now that i didnt’ miss out on to much.

So, this summer paradise buissness is being terrorised by a giant pre-historic ‘sea monster’ that has been unleashed after an under-sea sientific researching explotion and starts to feed on the hotel guest, the island natives and and even a great white (off screen)…or perhaps it is a tiger shark, im not a fucking expert. Not a very cool flick i must say. Seems like it tryes to weigh up on sillyness, insted of character envolment and i didnt’ feel anything for any of the characters we are suposed to feel relations to. Exept the ‘rusty’ alcholic skipper and ‘the drunken husband’, but i dont’ think we are supposed to like any of those men. Lot’s of humor shit here, that i didnt’ find that funny, i mean it’s ok, but it’s too little of that shark, i mean that pre-historic shark…thingy. Well, some it’s biting is cool and the ‘sea ‘monster does looks rad and shit, but it’s still to less of that sea monster -carnage and to much goofing around with the quests, the hotel manager and pretty much every character and it just gave me a jaw-drop and made me just smack my face with my palm. Great locations that will probably make you long for a longer vacation and effective under-water filming i must add.