JWD: The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie (1989)

Back in the old pattern to be honest; to drunk, still drinking and listening to Lefty and dreaming about blond female asses.

Drinking porter, my bitch and Pistonhead-Kostum Lager. …That Flat Tire shit get’s to watery for me.

Just dreaming about those olily asses, man, i can almost feel em. Not asses of men!

But anyfucks, Toxie’s in trouble again, because Tromaville is still in the claws of the Illuminati or the New World Order; the devil worshipers/sick evil people who rules this modern world we live in (didnt’ you know), which in the Toxic Avenger-saga goes by the name of Apocalypse Inc. And Toxie has a hard time getting work, to support the happy life he has with his smoking hot blind and tempting girlfriend; Claire and buying his mom that microwave oven she’s always wanted..you know the deal.! I just opend my laste beer of the evening by the way (hopefully) and switching over to some Bedlam or KGP-that wicked shit, horrorcore! So Melvin blindingly starting to work for the wrong side and helps Apoclalypse Inc make Tromaville sour again. But you know, Toxie, Melvin cant’ be held down, at least not for long. Part-3 is looked upon by many as a sucky Toxie-sequel and it is the last Toxie Avenger movie that i have seen. But if you ask me; it isnt’ that sucky, i thought it was cool and shit! I laughed alot, well not alot, not as much that i wanted to; i was afraid to wake up the kids, but i enjoyed it very much. And Toxie’s home, which is located at city’s dumping ground and the city that is Tromville in general looks so fucking cool to venture in.

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