JWD: The Suckling (1990)

..AKA ‘Sewage Baby’…
Moral of this story; do not get an abortion at some illegal sleazy brothel at the outskirts of town…good to know!

Clients and prostitutes is traped in this sleazy no-good brothel, with no ways to get out, terrorized by a freakish looking aborted infant that they have flushed down the toilet and down in the sewage, it has been exposed to radioactive waste.

An extremly campy, but fun b-movie to have some beers with. A gritty picture quality (though they did a good job) from 88-Films and it is a very entertaining gem if you ask me. Just a fun b-movie ride you know, with awkward steriotypes, heavy sleazy locations, bad acting, moderat gore and a moody and memorable soundtrack. The actual ‘Sewage Baby’ looks terrifying and ugly as fuck, all completely fake looking, but still effective-made me feel a little uneasy, no shit!! A creature-feature that reminded me alot of other movies and made me wonder if those movies was actual inspirations or not, movies like; ‘It’s Alive’, ‘Alien’, ‘The Fly’, ‘The Incredible Melting Man’, ‘Pumpking Head’, ‘The Toxic Avenger’ and even the obscure urban chessefest; ‘The Tenement’…at least i got some vibes from all those movies. A typical movie for 88-Films to release and i kept thinking that it whould be a suitable Troma Team Release, whould really work as a Troma Flick, but it’s not a Troma flick’. I cant’ give it credit for being a good movie, but it sure did entertained me. Recommendable!!