JWD: Spring Break Shark Attack (2005)

So while the summer of 2017 isnt’ yet over…slightly_here’s another beer soked watched shark movie.

A goodie-goodie (extreamly fuckable) redhead chick, heads out to Florida to have fun with her girlfriends and seeing her shark researching brother, while she is lying to her protective father and telling him she’s going some where else. Our main girl; Danielle, a ginger honey with jucy titties and a few freckles too (horny on those gingers..), is seposed to be a virgin and a little younger then she really is, but boy does the bitch look horny. What difference does it really make, people are horny, and some are not. She’s a good person! Horny persons are good and some are not-horny people. And there is evil people too. There is boy-trouble, there is drama and rape-drug drama, and shark shit drama-Lot’s of shark shit drama. Tiger sharks; hungry as fuck on horny beer drinking young people and they steam the beaches like piranhas. Not shitting you. Danielle is starting to fall in love with this outsider-‘boat mechanic’, who works for his mother on the dock_while she is really seeing a sleazy and slick round burner, you know the story…(Bill Monroe just came on.., im such a white thrash alcoholic). Lot’s sharks and shit, pretty cool. Crap movie, but enjoyable sharky carnage. And if this was a true story, she whould have stayed with slick and sleazy dude and break the hart of the outsider. Trust me, i’ve lived it.