JWD: Splatter Beach (2007)

«Uh, excuse me sir.» «What is it kid, did you fart». Oh, those onliners…

A super silly thoung-in-cheaky micro_budget tribute to that tiny, almost hidden away sub-genere that consists of beach/lagoon-humanoids that eats people and/or tries to mate with human females. It’s a more or less a shot-on-video movie by the (cult) legndary Polonia Brothers-which is arguably most know for their quite unknown cult-classic; ‘Splatter Farm’ (1987).

Three ‘friends’ heads out on a roadtrip to some beach house to heng out; an obnoxious white-thrash gangsta, his thrasy ho-dressed in 50’s-vintage wear (be on the lookout for that lovley buttcrack) and last, the super-nerd who makes it his mission to find out why there are fishy humanoids coming out of the sea to have a splatter party on the beach. It’s my second viewing of ‘Splatter Beach’ and it does entertain me alot, despite it’s overwhelming stupidity and simpleness. Silly and goofy cheese all the way, awkwardly funny steriotypes that are extremely overacted, plus a really bad surf band. Funny, really funny; feel-good, lame humour shoved right up your ass! The humanoids are fuckin rad-looking and the soundtrack is actually pretty cool, in a charming funny way. The soundtrack is actually included on cd-format on the double disc dvd version from Camp Motion Pictures, released back in 2007 …Some times i put it on and look down at the local bay which i can see from our house.

In memory of John Polonia!