JWD: Lizard Man (2012)

So what about this ‘Camp Motion Picture’, im like all out of beer and shit, but i’v had few good ones while trying out this micro budget production.

A multi billionaire and buissness man has devoted his life to capture a specimen of an reptilian humanoide creature called the Lizard Man, which attacted him when he was a young man near ‘Skateboard Swamp’, somewhere down in South Carolina. He is tired of not being believed and it really doesn’t matter that much anymore on the millions or the lifes of the trained snipers and hunters it takes to bring ‘The Lizard Man’ back alive, so he can show it to the world. It’s an ok ride, it’s kinda funny. The rubber suite looks cool and extreamly unreal at same time, the CGI-blood is just ridiculous and the acting is awkardly flatt-which of course is done on purpose. Not a favorit of mine among the ‘Camp Motion Pictures’, but still a little charming and amusing. And do you think you can handle the music video at the end? It’s one of those things that; once it’s been seen, it cant’ be not unseen!