JWD: Land Shark (2017)

How the fuck do i start to review fucking ‘Land Shark’, being under the fucking BIP!..infulence?

The latest BIP!..movie from Polonia Bros Entertainment…BIP! Ok, allright, i’ll give that biping business a rest…BIP!!! One or two-ish sharks have managed to escaped this shark-researching center with human DNA in them, so they can live on land and (after a little more researching) become a new race of super-soldiers which will be used warfare. To bad they have left the tank though. If i wasnt’ a family man; that blond researcher-turned shark killing agent…BIP!, chould hook me up. Shit, she could still hook me up..that killer ass, dude!! Ok, i wont’ go any further into that subject, it’s not like this movie is 30 or 40 years old and she will probably read this review, but (I Can Make It Thunder) KA-BOOM!! Im a Juggalo, proud born-again Juggalo. But if i allow myself to be a little serious; after John Polonia’s passing in 2008, at the tradic age of 39-Mark Polonia did not let the death of his twin brother stop their life’s call; to keep on making stupid fun micro budget b-movies . And ‘Land Shark’ is exactly that; a really stupid b-movie. Never the less, all the Polonia Brothers-movies i’v seen so far has entertained my drunk-ass alot and i have even develop a love for them. ‘Land Shark’ is another Mark Polonia movie that has the attitude of not giving a fuck and who is not afraid to be cheesy, corny or even awkward. Released on dvd from Camp Motion Pictures!

In Loving Memory Of John Polonia!