JWD: Jurassic Shark (2012)

Canadian movie by the way, not American…just IMDB it….like i whould have know otherwise..

What we have here is a micro-budget sharksploitation that is just bursting with the highest factor of stupidity and it is of course ment to be that way. This ‘new’ shark-boom, must be a sub-genre that is already fading…dying out. Or not, i dont’ know, im just filling this review with letters, you know, so you will have somthing to read. I’v just recently heard of…’House shark’, brand new one, and even ‘Dick Shark’…and that one must be an oldie already…a classic! But over to tonight’s shark flick, ‘Jurrassic Shark’; some thugs are draging a stolen expensive pice of artwork across a lake and get stranded on some island after an enterference with the pre-historic shark, while their stolen artwork lay sunken on the bottom wraped up safely. The pre-historic megalodon is let loose as a result of some scientistic accsident and it’s hungry as fuck and pretty cranky. And if that wasnt’ bad enough; some other young ‘nature-researching’ hotties of some kind (i dont’ know what they are seposed to be, but they are there) also get mixed up in this watery business. So who will swim out to try to get the painting and get eaten by the shark or get a bullet between the eyes.. I think this movie was alot of fun and i whould watch it again-rather then one of the ‘Juressic Park’ movies. Though i migth reckon ‘Juressic Shark’ whouldnt’ had been as fun with out me drinking a 2 liter bottle of Flensburger beer.