JWD: Jaws 4 – The Revenge (1987)

What the hell are you all complaining about!! This must be the fucking greatest Jaws-movie in the bunch!!

And you cant’ even admit it has a good story? It does carry alot of emotions through out the movie, loss and family values as well. It even brought tears to my eyes and laughter too and i had forgotten all about Michael Cane (i owned it on VHS when i was a kid_yellow bigbox). It was actually touching to watch Mother Brody and Michael Cane’s charatcter as ‘older people’ falling in love. Ok-ok, it’s chessy allright and the end that was way to happy did anoy me..(quite alot), but it’s never the less a quite effective shark horror movie which is bouth suspensfull and thrilling (and i just love the fake shark). But if i had remembered it was a christmas movie, i whould have waited to december to watch it, but while im writing this; it’s the end of July, im drinking beer and listening to Lefty and George Jones-while trying to keep and hold on to that summer feeling, before it’s over you know_It’ been a good summer this year. For what it’s worth; i apologise for calling the Brody’s the ‘Brady’s’ in my ‘Jaws-2′ review; i have a tendency to fuck shit up. And again for what it’s worth..i just chouldnt’ wait to christmas to publish this ‘review’, it’s way to summer-ish. Look at it as summer-christmas shark movie. I do.