JWD: Hillbilly Bloodbath (2011)

Been watching another one of those obscure southern micro-budget, backwoods slashers, or in this case a splatter…it’s a fucking Hillbilly Bloodbath!!

A typical ‘Camp Motion Pictures/Bloody Earth Films’ production i whould say and arguably more known as simply; ‘Red River’. It’s filmed in the fine state of Kentucky…cool! (just googled it). What you read in the title is what you will get; it’s truly a backwoods-down south Hillbilly Bloodbath with sterotypical shit, like; a smal town, biblical shit, annoying steriotypes and backwoods cannibalistic inbreds that are living in a decaying house in the woods. A bachelor named Roland lives in that decaying house of death, he has undergone surgery to remove throat-cancer and talkes through one of those things that gives you a robot-voice-and he hunts and kills people, cuts them up, splatter them around and feeds them to a freak in the celler with a freaky skin disease which he has looked up to a neck-chain and there you go . Ones again; awkward and annyoing steriotypes (the victims/campers and also the two out-of-place rangers), but it does have an eerie atmosphere, lots of bloods and gore, fuckable young ladies and apparently alot of love and dedication for the project by the cast and the crew. Cool songs too i will say, in different styles and generes. I have had my self another stupid movie night with beers yes yes yes!