JWD: 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)

George Eastman, fighting Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson! That’s right! That’s SO right!!

I just re-visited this italian cult-classic that i saw maybe seven years ago, or maybe longer-a ”post apocalyptic” ‘The Warriors/Mad Max 2/Escape From New York’-ripp off, directed by the Italian action lord; Enzo G. Castellari.

By the year 1990, The Bronx, has been sealed off by the goverment and is now a ‘fall-out’,a lawless wasteland. Allright, i feel i must burst the bubble right away; this is an awkward, ridiculous chessfest, that is in fact extreamly laughable, even though it isn’t ment to be. Our main (anti) hero, ‘Thrash’, let’s google him_i actually dont’ know anything about that dude, besides that he has had a couple of more roles in a few european low-budget action flix of the 80’s. So, let’s see…yes, he’s an Italian actor (born 1965), who goes under the name ‘Mark Gregory’ and who starred in a handful of action flix in the 80’s, including ‘Thunder’ (1,2 & 3)-i must order those one’s up, hope the are avaliable on blu-ray or at least on dvd. There is so much cheese in this flick; like out of place characters that do not seem to be from New york at all or even the U.S, except for Fred Williamson of course (the only American i recognized), though the character; ‘Hammer’ (Vic Morrow), i know i have him from somewhere; was he in ‘Jaws’?? Probably not, he was probably in Castellari’s own ‘Last Jaws’.

I appsolutely love the locations, shoot in New York of course; including The Bronx and Brooklyn and also Italy (which is reconizable, as it has a more European scenery). The girl that get’s ‘abducted’ by Thrash, ‘Ann’, who has fled from her civillized life in Manhattan, who also becomes his girlfriend-is the most wooden character in the film, so extreamly awkward, just saying. And what’s the deal with that drumset. I heard in a video interview once, with director Enzo G. Castellari, that it upsets him a little that many fans of his films prefer the sequel; ‘Escape From The Bronx’, insted of the first ‘Bronx Warriors’ movie. But i also thinks the sequel is a some what cooler movie. ‘The 1990: Bronx Warriors’ makes me speechless while watching it, so much i was even holding my forhead in disbelief. But you know what, i still love it! It’s brave and it dears to be it’s self, and who dosn’t have a thing for chessy post apocalyptic movies?? Their so rad!! It might not seem this way, but i do love ‘The 1990: Bronx Warriors’!