JWD: The Wraith (1986)

‘I Will Beat Him Like A Redheaded Stepchild’!

The most fitting way to end this late night after a beersoked (IPA)-eveing, while watching ‘The Wraith’ for the first time; is listening to Betamaxx while having a couple Mariestads, swedish beer (it’s the only ones i have left).

I was caught off guard, slapped in the face; the 80’s-ness was just to overwhelming-it was like waking up in the middle of the night and having Pamela Anderson standing by your bed, butt-naked, ready to do anything for you all night longe, dude!

I was expecting 80’s-ness (off course..), but not this hardcore, i literally lost my breath and i was like, YO, im having a wet-dream here. It’s just packed to the bursting point with nostalgia, cliches, awkwardness and steriotypes. I just gotta put on some Tesla Boy, im a fan of Tesla Boy. No, Betamaxx, it’s way too rad, cant’ turn it off right now. ‘The Wraith’ is about an angel of Vengeance who returns from the other side with the sickest 80’s-car…EVER!! The Rider is a hansome loner (Charlie Sheen), who got the hot’s for the local teen beauty, who ‘belongs’ to the local badass-psychopat leader with his steriotypical gang of b-movie_stupid punkrocking bullies, and yes, thank you Kenneth Hansebr├ąten; ‘Skank and Gutterboy’ is the most unbeatable dreamteam of the decade!! There was a time, when 80’s-bullies ment business, when being a punk or a metalhead, ment; he or her, were a gangmembers with a switchblade that wouldnt’ blink before killing you’re girlfriend, your friends and then, You!…if YOU didnt’ kill them first. Time to do somthing about that; let’s go retro, who’s tired of punks and metalheads being nice!?