JWD: Savage Beach (1989)

A couple of chick-agents get’s stranded on an islolated isle, ‘what isle, your’ isle, my isle, who’s isle’??

That’s right, i’ve had myself a drunken movie night-fell asleep on the movie-couch and spilled beer all over, waking up and feeling all stressed. I’ll give you a more sober review in the morning, just have to kick the shit out of this dude..

Sober update: As you can imagine, there was alot of alcohol last night. Had the pleasures of having myself a bottle ‘Vestkyst-Indian Ale’ and ‘Voodoo-Black Indian Ale’, both brands from the norwegian brewery ‘Kinn’ and they both contains 7% alcohol on 75 cl bottles. But what about the movie? Two smoking hot female agents in their late twenties/thirties-somewhere, are on the trace of some childrens vaccine. They have trouble with thire plane and must emergency land on a deserted island where they get their yummy asses caught in a crossfire where a representative of The Philippines is looking to locate a golden treasure from WW2 on a sunken Japanese wessel.

After that i lost a little track and dozed off multiple times, quite drunk, yes. But i still liked and enjoyed this flick, it’s no doubt entertaining. Overwhelming cheese from a true b-movie action-chesse baron; Andy Sidaris. It has stunningly hot women with little or no clothes on, awkward steriotypes and situations, a charming rock-soundtarck and paradise-like Hawaiian loctations. The action; the shooting, the blood and explotions_if not really convinsing_it does work and even suprised me little with it’s ‘quality’. A big ‘chesse-fest’, no doubt, though the two other Andy Sidaris movies that i’v seen so far has been even more so, which is; ‘Malibu Express’ and ‘Hard Ticket To Hawaii’. Looking forward to check out more Sidaris-flix. And that guy i was gonna beat up, i have no idea what that was all about.