JWD: Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind (2011)

Simon, a teenage kid, moves to a small town in West Virginia with his mom and step-dad and the new highschool is pretty ruff on him…no wonder, since Simon and all the other highschool-students are like 25 plus.

And to make matters worse; the smal town, if you can even call it a town, is the home of the local legend, spree killer and serial killer; ‘Porkchop’, who has never been caught.

Still the same camping ground as in the first movie; ‘Camp Wood’ and still most of the characters do not have a southern accsent and im like why_ guess it’s becouse the movie crew is not from the south or maybe it’s to make this movies as chessy as possible, what do i know..? The cleark from the gas station; the redneck with the ponytale, he’s still here-just love that guy, he’s a funny and cool dude and he talks with that true down to the bone appalachian mountain talk. But where is his co-worker; yeah, the redneck closet-homo from the first movie, was he killed-off by Porkcop? Cant’ really remember…yes yes, to much beer i guess. But dont’ you worry none, no sirre Bob, he’s got him self a new partner…and yeah, he’s gay, totaly gay and black and big and as southern as the rebel flag, so you can breathe now. This sequal is a stupid movie, just like it’s precursor, but perhaps a little toned down, if that is the right way to put it. Apparently there is alot of dedication on the set and production-wise, which is often the case when it comes to shoestring/micro budgets movies, it’s done with love_no boring-ass Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson or Angelina Jolie for miles and miles. Porkchop, like in the first movie does not spoil us with to much of his on-screen attendance. But the b-movie gore is COOL and Porkchop as a slasher-villian, definitely looks badass with his overweightness, his overall, a pighead-mask and shit. This is shit, fun shit and i would say that ‘Porkchop-2’ is slightly more re-watchable then the first one, though im also a fan of the first one.

Youtuber; Shawn C. Phillips also has a smal part in this, together with his family_always cool with an appearance from the DUDER!! …and ‘Meg’ (Angela Pritchett) is a hottie!