JWD: Porkchop (2010)

Cheese anyone? I mean bacon!…beer??

Another never heard of backwoods-slasher obscurity, so let’s do somthing about it’s..unheard-of-ness.

A bunch of young adults go hicking in the woods..ever heard that story before? A fistfull of steriotypes who are totaly different from each other…and like why? If we’re gonna believe the story, it’s to get along or somthing. We got yummy young hot chicks, one in a cheerleader outfit who’s up for anal. We got a total hardcore nerd who bring along his own invention and apparently his best, if not his only (bitter/sweet) friend; a cardbord-robot he constructed himself. So it’s got quite a few steriotypes, but not that much of Porkchop. Well, he will show up and when he does, it is kinda worth the wait. He’s a fat backwoods-redneck cannibal with a pighead-mask and he’s got a chainsaw…the quiet type, not the chainsaw, but Porkchop, except for the oinks and his squealing. The one character that might be the most memorable is the british punk, and it’s fucking filmed in the backwoods of West Virginia, though very few of the cast members actually talks with an southern accsent. Do i have something more to say about this flick, apparently not that much. Oh, yeS; the two steriotypical redneck desk clearks at the gas station and one of them being a closet-gay…HAHAHA!! Their the fucking best, loved those guys! They just have to be natives of West Virginia or Kentucky, speaking with that broad appalachian drawl. And Porkchop by the way, truly is a fuckin badass slasher-villain_though he might have appared a little more and the tongue-in-cheekness can perhaps just be a little to much_ it might have been even cooler if it had a slightly, just slightly more ‘serioues’ tone to it. Still dug it.