JWD: Picasso Trigger (1988)

Lots of action-fun, it just takes a while.

The forth Andy Sidaris flick i’v been checking out. There is crime-lords, govermental-ish issues, double-crossing and agents working to bring down this shit. That’s what i got out of the plot, there is alot of dialogue going on here. So i just sat back really, opened can after can and just tried to enjoy this 80’s action b-movie cheese fest and i managed to do just that. Are all Andy Sidaris movie located in and around Hawaii? I recon they are, it’s his trademark i suppose. Though some parts of this flick was also shot in Paris France and also Las Vegas, Texas and Los Angeles i think it was, it’s a part of the movie plot; organised crime and assassinations. For a while i felt the movie was a little draggy and i felt boredom, but when shit starts to go down it was actually alot of fun and it was worth the wait. A typical Sidaris flick (i begin to know them by now), with wonderful sunny locations, gorgeous hot blonds with yummy titts and asses (who are badass chicks with guns of course), cheesy dudes with mullets, soft porn- sex sceens, drug-lords, rad b-movie action and cool gore. Though a little draggy from time to time, but still it’s verry enjoyable and seemingly a favorite among the Sidaris fans. I mean it, it’s a cool one!