JWD: Memorial Valley Massacre (1989)

Teen-brat: «I dont see no stinking badge». Camp counselor; «And i dont’ see no stinking keys»! HAHAHAHA!! This little turdy cheesefest made me laugh alot!

This year’s, 1988, opening season is on Memorial Vally’s camping ground’s footstep and all the unfinnished preparations are almost taken care of while pissed off campers are waiting impatiently at the barrier. For some, no for all of them, it will turn out to be the worst camping holiday they have ever been on. Memorial Vally is, according to this flick, a miniatyr_like paradise-lost (my words) with a very delicate plant and animal life, virgin-ish if you like. And one person who lives there do not think much of the campers, nor the staff and tries by his best will to sabotage the whole thing with vandalism or throwing dogs down in the drinking well to rot and spreading poisonous snakes around. He is a young man living one with nature, primitive like a stone-age man and lacks the language of man. The background-story for all of this is kinda lame, but still pretty original. The kills and the atmosphere in this movie is both effective and entertaining and we have about a dusin different cheesy/awkward steriotypes to follow. Still, it’s not a very good horror movie, it does get a little to awkward_i mean it does manages to be funny when it’s seposed to, but it’s also funny when it seemingly tries to be serioues, like an involuntarily comedi. It’s the second time i watch this bitch, cos’ it’s a suitable slasher to watch douring summertime, the majority of them are summer_themed when i ‘think me a little about’. It’s a charming piece of thrash and i enjoy the scenery and the grittiness of the film quality. And the beer was good so that’s cool!

(my favorit actor in this movie is William Smith by the way, i kinda look up to him, mentor-wise)