JWD: Lips of Blood (1975)

Lot’s of hot young French vampire girls with tight bodies, juicy asses and tempting bushes!!

A worth while Jean Rollin gem.

Some 70’s French dude sees some castle ruines in a photo, which awakens some blocked childhood memories from his first crush, which includes his late father’s sixteen year old mistress who appears to be a vampire, which has beein reported to the mayor, who apparently has demanded a govermental cover-up and there you have it_sounds like a plot which could be used in some sort of spin off-Twilight movie (if they had cut out that sixteen year old mistress shit_twenty four whould have worked for today’s standars). A worty Rollin flick, one of his better ones i should say, starring his classic shaggable twin-girls. If you are familiar with this late French low-budget movie maker, you know what you’re in for; ‘Artistic’ camera use-costumes and scenery, lots of ‘room in the frames’, haunting locations, (lespo) erotic undertones and an forever going slowed down pace-topped with plenty of cheese and sillyness.