JWD: Bloodsport 2 (1996)

The sequal to the 1986-Van Damme classic. I dont’ need to tell you that, you probably knew, i just had to start this review somehow.

Alex, a slick but not too evil gangster, steals an ancient samurai sword, get’s doubled crossed by his partner in crime and gets locked up to do hard time in Thailand (he lives there). On the inside he faces new enemies along side with his own demons, but he also meets his new mentor, an old fart of an oriental sensai. No really, i whould love for him to be my sensai and he trains him well, and he’s played by James Hong (b. 1929 and still going strong). After a short stay in this hard prison_fighting and beeing treaten like a stray dog, he is let lose and enters a tournament to win back the sword so he can give it back to it’s rightfull owner (Pat Morita, whom we remember as ‘Mr Miyagi) and not end up with a bullet in his chest.

In my opinion, ‘Bloodsport 2′ do not justifie the original cannon Groupe-Van Damme classic. As cheesy as the original is, it really works and it manages to charm the viewer in tons. But this one do not. It’s just to awkwardly cheesy (in a sucky way) and totaly boring. It’s just pointless that a (hot) woman competes in these fight (the bloodsport) and what loser whould like to meet a woman and beat and kick her blue and bloody in the ring in the first place, or what if she ends up kicking your ass in front the audience…really?? I think i whould rather kill myself. Van Damme’s sidekick character also has a role in this sequal-and he’s just the way that he’s like is in the original movie, but it still doesnt’ save it. Our main-guy, ‘Alex’ is not played by Van Damme and i really miss him-he just cant’ fill the slick Belgian playboy’s shoes or sandals, or bare feet. Nha…not a fan. But that’s just my own opinion. Reviews; one assholes opinion.