JWD: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

«What the hell is that»?? «It’s some kind of geek»!!

I remember the first time i saw this one, i was allready a huge fan of the original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (allready at the age of 14), and i watched ‘TCM-2′ on dvd (orderd it from a danish Company; DvdStrax, which sadly dont’ exist anymore, they had alot of rad rareties) on our family computer when i was 19 years old, this must have been back in 2002. I loved it then, and i love it now! It’s fucking over thirty years old allready, which is sad, like when i started to get all nostlgic about the 80’s and shit was like back in 1995-ish and back then it was only like a decade away. But dear friend, i have just watch this limtited edition blu-ray version from Arrow, first time i’v ever seen this movie on blu-ray and i’v had quite a few beers and im still drinkin’. If you ask me, it’s one of the sickest horror (comdies) ever made. It actually hit me harder in the face now, then when i watch it two or three times back when i was younger_when you get older, you have lived a little bit more and your mind kind changes a little (…right)? And like many TCM-fans i have wonderd since i saw ‘TCM-2′ for the first time; why did the original director, Tobe Hooper, chose shuch an exteam comical approach, and why shuch an extreamly gory approach as well, it almost like a holocaust-light-looks like the Saywers has killed-off thousends of people. I sat there with a beer in my hand and my jaw just dropped-it’s an exteam movie! And the lovley 80’s-factor couldnt’ possibly get any higher; the atmosphere, the music, the steriotypes, charachters, the abanded underground tunles which is the Texas chain saw-lair of the Sawyers, all the never stopping gore, bodies and bodyparts. Fuck, i just love this movie!!!

Drayton Sawyer….Jim Seidow. The saw is family!! Forever missed-my favorit character!