JWD: Terror at Tenkiller (1986)

An overlooked summertime backwoods slasher obscurity!

Just watched it for the second time with some Sepndrups beer, a swedish beer which is apparentlty mocked and bullied by alot by norwegians AND Sweds for having a cheap or bad flavor. But i’ve never understood that; i think it tastes fine, a nice regular beer to watch an overlooked summertime backwoods slasher obscurity to and maybe with some salty snacks. The first time i saw it was several years ago, with my best bud Mathias. At the time, back in 2013-ish, we didnt’ like it much , any of us, but we both agreed that it had a very moody soundtrack, and i still feel that way. In fact; i liked the actull movie alot better now to, after my second veiwing. Very few people are involved as actors in this movie, which gives ‘Terror At Tenkiller’ a very ‘local’ feel, as i like to put it. The soundtrack is minimalistic and very moody and with help from the beautiful locations and the awesome nature shots, makes this slasher very atmospheric and 80’s-nostalgic and even a little suspensful as well. The acting is quite wooden and flat, but it dosent’ really bother me, it’s even a little sharming.The cheap production as well, no problem. The kills looks actully quite realistic, though the bodycount could have been a little higher. At least it’s got titties. Nice jiggling titties, the kind you just want to drool all over. If you are an 80’s slasher-fan, you should defently check it out! Flimed on location at the actual TenKiller-Lake in Oklahoma.