JWD: Squirm (1976)

Slurping hopefully on my last beer (i need to save a few for tomorrow and i’v never really known when to quit) and listening to the band Rebel Son, which fits perfectly after watching a ‘hick-flick’ like this southern overlooked horror obscurity .

A smal town in Georgia named; Fly Creek, is so unlucky to resive high voltage (of course im thinking about AC/DC) into it’s soil. And that’s not too good, cos’ it couses insects of the crawling kind to go apeshit crazy and hungry for the Fly Creek residents. While watching Squirm, i was wondering if it inspired the classic novel/movie/sequal; ‘Pet Semetery’, it reminded me a whole lot of the ‘Pet Semetry’ consept. Though what really kept me interested more then anything while watching this movie; was the young natural redhead, ‘Jerry’, a real cutie i just wanted to fuck to pieces. Man, what a piece of ass and that she speakes with that sexy shouthern acsent makes her even more hot! Why she fell for that boring yankee new boyfriend of her’s, when she could have had who ever local hardworking redneck that whould more then willingly wife her up (esspecialy the ‘brute’ and worm-infected Rodger) i couldnt’ really understand. But what ever really, jealous is what i am_and who am i to judge, they love each other and that is super awesome and he’s a really smart neardy guy_which is great to have when your home town is being eaten by worms and all kinds of other crawling bugs which are native to the surrounding enviorment. He is polite and respectful as well, with the residenst of Fly Creek, but at same time he wont’ take no undeserving bullshit from the towns’s sheriff…he’s thougher then he looks. ‘Squirm’ was worth the time, beer and money-it’s a fun american 70’s horror flick to drink some beers too, or not; you can have water, milk, coffie, soda…Faygo anyone? Whoop Whoop!!