JWD: Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

The demanding character; ‘Angela’, is back, getting her…or his frustrations out on regular youths.

You know, regular teens who’s doing a little drugs, having sex and shit. But it’s really no secret that it’s she who’s really fucked up, who cant’ take any sort of disobedience with out getting all Ted Bundy. I whould say that the third entity is even more chessy and thoung-in-cheek_ish then the second one and Pamela Springsteen as ‘Angela’, is still her self and behind all those thight-ass sosiopatic layers, there is a girl there that i whould like to take to the..uh, carnival, a plumers convention or the madhouse. It’s got alot of nice late 80’s teen-babes to get sexualy frustraited about and character who are just, hey…waaaay over the top to attache some form of feelings too. I gave the first sequal a full pot, but i really cant get myself do that with this one. It’s a cool late 80’s slasher and i loved the locations and the cast as well, they are so 80’s-cheesy that i just can not not-love them (even though i just said otherwise, love is hard, come on, you know that)! A higly dark, gory and ultra thoung-in-cheek_ish comical slasher with an almost sentimental late 80’s nostalgia.