JWD: Slaughter High (1986)

So after a beer-soaked evening while watching one of the most overlooked slashers of the 80’s, what is the most suitable to listen to; yes of course; ‘Dance With The Dead’, bUT now we go even more genuine-80’s with RATT: ‘Out Of The Cellar’. You my bitch tonight??

A revenge-slasher from the bullie-victim, an english production who tries as hard to look like an american slasher as it can. And a school-slasher which reminded me of both ‘Terror Train’ (1980) and ‘Slumber Party Massacre (1982), im a huge fan of the last one mentioned, though ‘Terror Train’ is a badass one as well…agree dude!? Fuck, im changing to Dynatron or somthing, i just listen to the words (to the music of RATT) and it just fucks up my consentration you know. Dig it?? Oh…Dynatron!! I love Dynatron, and i love YOU!! And yeah, it reminded me of ‘The Burning’ as well, that whole revenge shit going and shit. Which reminds me; campus-slashers are radder. Poor neardy Marty is bullied into an angel of vengeance and you do feel for him. All the other steriotypical characters too, are well performed, even though i really kinda disliked all of them. Hey, it even reminded me of the classic; American History X (1998)…probably the bathrooms. Well, as my partner in crime; Marty Hauge put’s it; ‘If You dont have to much say, dont’ say to much’. Im only fucking you, he never said that.. Well, but i enjoyed this genuine 80’s slasher, with all it’s atmosphere, the soundtrack, locations, bodycount and of cours_ that heavy overload of chesse. I guess you should just watch the trailer-have a cool one, have alot of beers and spin this flick you know!