JWD: Martial Law 2: Undercover (1991)

So, where to place the sequal to the first movie!?

Well, we have a new main-dude, the new boyfriend of the kick-ass chick from the first movie and with out giving us any information on…WHY! He’s just there, like nothing ever happend.

Well, what about her ex, where’s he at?? Cant’ let it slide, it’s not logic. Still, im no snob, far from it. Our kick ass-chick (Cynthia Rothrock) has a new Martial Law-boyfriend; actor Jeff Wincott, from several 90’s martial arts flix. And their undercover-asses is about to…uhm, cant’ remember, a more or less drunken Martin Hauge insisted to chat about some Tommy Lee Jones-shit and i lost track. But i do remeber that Cynthia Rothrock’s character is from Philadelphia, which is weird, cos’ she reminded me of a wonderful young lady whom i love the music to and that i also got the hots for, a Philly-lady called Whitney payton. Another mentional character; ‘Tanner’, a sort of hybrid between the late and much missed Peter Steele (Type O Negative) and uh…i dont remember, i had it going when i was watching the movie, but i did ended up loving that hulk. What a dry guy, but with perhabs the most perfect work-out body i’v ever seen. Yes, this was a fun and entertaining action flick also, probably just as fun as the first one. Im so out for to night, maybe i should just start to smoke a little insted of contiuing to be the drunken bastard that i am. And if i was you; my fantastic awesome devoted beloved reader, i wouldnt’ take what i put down in these reviews (attempts) very seriously.