JWD: Camp Massacre (2014)

What a looong, fat-ass movie!

A reallity show’s in progress at some camp-site out in the woods, where about a dozen or so, extreamly fat and heavy dudes competes (not with much motivation i must say) about losing the most weight and going away with one million dollars.

It’s a fat, i mean fun-ass movie, filmed on location in the state of Alabama and it does have that southern/’redneck’ approach in many ways, which fits well for a campus/out in the woods slasher hick, i mean flick. I enjoyed this stupid movie; i loved the locations and the nature shots (and esspesialy the forzen images of the upligthed cabins during the night houres…very haunting and effective), fun and cool memorable characters and lot’s of dark and chessy humor, ended up laughing alot-it’s charming and it’s over two houres long. The actuall killings werent’ that cool though, though the killer was kinda rad looking-wearing a popcorn buckt-mask and wielding a machete/knife/hatchet-thingy.

Youtuber Shawn C. Phillips aka ‘Coolduder’, which im a fan of, also have a short, but very funny part in this low budget slasher from ITN Distribution_this was before his weight loss, so his big as fuck here. And last but not least; i just have to mention all the yummy babes in all their’ titts and ass_glory. My favorite girl was the minor-chubby one; ‘Stefani’ which in my eyes had alot of sexappeal!!