JWD: Blood Hook (1986)

Something’s really fishy…

A summer-themed TROMA flick about some psycho fishing slasher-dude, located in some rural fishing-county up north_Hayward Wisconsin ( yes, i googled it). Redneck land, yankee redneck land..

Some keywords; ‘Fishing-contest’, ‘rivalry’, ‘human bait’…’TROMA-gore’. A quite boring fishing-movie that didnt’ tickle my balls very much. Though, as always; i did love the smalltown amercian 80’s nostalgia and and the moody minimalistic keybord music. But i didnt’ find the steriotypes that apealling. It was just to much fishing going on, when there is to much fishing i get sort of bored. When you’re gye..and i am, people expect things (referring to ‘The Craft)…and when i put on a TROMA flick i do wish to see some more urban city-locations and not that much of rural locations. Dont’ you get me wrong, i love ”hick-flix”! but not that much when it’s a TROMA flick im gonna spin, unless it’s; ‘Redneck Zombies’ of cours…LOVE that movie, big fan!! And also; ‘Capture Of Bigfoot’, big fan of that one also, which is a sort of a backwoods rural monster (bigfoot) movie. ‘Blood Hook’ does have it’s moments as well and again; i get so charmed by american 80’s small-town nostalgia…even sentimental. Some of the gore and spessial effects looked pretty rad.