JWD: Undetaker and his pals (1967)

Sunday evening-work tomorrow; i had time for a few beers and a 70 min long movie..

I was actually shocked, yes, shocked, by this flick. Being from 1967, this is quite a graphic and splatterlike gem with a high dose of dark and heavy morbid humor to it, but at the same time, it also have a sort of of glee-ish tone to it and very American sixties. Or perhaps it’s more fifties-like when i come to think of it, as we find our self in an urban ocean of hats, suits and ties and dresses and not a single hippie to be spottet.. just a vibe i got. The movie is about this synical and sleazy undertaker who overprices his mourning costumers (and to make matters far more worse; he is most often the cause of death to the unfortunate ones leying in his coffins and even mocking the mourners…to their face), and his two ‘pals’ who are secretly cannibal-cooks at a lokal worn down and dirty-looking diner. I enjoyed it more then i thought i would, though i cant’ realy give it a very high score_though it has it’s charm and all the gore helped (giving this movie any value at all really). The music is simple ‘b-movie music of the day’, i really dont’ know other ways to put it, but do think i reconiced a melody that Necro (the rapper), used as a beat in his song; ‘Our Life’.