JWD: Trip With the Teacher (1975)

A ‘rape & revenge’ flick that stands deep in the shadows of the other 70’s cult-classics like; ‘The Last House On The Left’, ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ and ‘Thriller- A Cruel Picture’_and with good reason, it’s quite suckable.

A group of tight-ass teen girl-hotties, is on some sort of trip with their hot red-head teacher on a bus through the Nevada, California or Arizona desert….probably California_history class, some sort of native-american locations-visit. The locations by the way, looked pretty badass. They soon run into trouble_in form of a couple of psychotic psychopat brother on motorbikes. The flick has a very annoying and unlucky choise of soundtrack; it’s SO not memorable-worty, very out of place and it’s always there. It’s heavy bro’, it’s heavy_ it suck so fucking much, except for the ‘suspenceful-theme’_that kinda works. The flick also has a very annoying audio and i really…REALLY, hated the dubbed ‘giggling’ and ‘humming’ sounds of the worst fruitcake of the nutcase-brothers. It has it’s moments and the pretty 70’s-school girls made me kinda horny with their slutty mini-skirts and shit, but i was unfortunately just very annoyed by the bad cheese and akwardness in this crap-fest. A very 70’s-exploitation movie though and the sleazy cabin-locations looked cool to me. But other then that; nha’ bro’, just nha’.