JWD: Swamphead (2011)

My forth ‘Wildeye Releasing’ viewing experience. And oh fucking man, where do i begin.

I have highly enjoyed the first three ‘Wildeye Releasing’_flicks that i’v seen, loved em’ and i had sort of high expectations for this one as well. I had actully heard good things about it, but i see now that it was most likely…irony. Finnishing of one of my last beers here (Ã…rbro-Brygg_premium Gold 5.9 %…swedish shit, quite nice actually) and listening to Mr. Hyde’s latest album; ‘Evil Never Dies’ for the second time, but i guess i’ll switch over to the ‘9’-album_the newest album by Bedlam right now, wich have just appared on spotify-I ordered a shirt from them in August 2016, and it still havent’ arrived. And yes, i have been messaging them about it…promised to look it up. But still, they are fucking wicked shit-horrocore… love them. I’ll message them again tonight. They friend-requested me, i did not. But fuck, im a Bedlamite, it’s dope! Tha Wicked Shit!

This flick however is a fuck you-flick, bursting with cliches and awkwardness_a little to much of it for me to enjoy, actully. (kinda like my reviews i guess).

We are in a swamp-area, not Louisiana, i guess, nothing southern here, just yankee talk, you know; the Hollywood talk. A viking-dude has been decapitaed by native Americans, after they have killed of his familie and his head is tosed into the swamp. So, in this modern day time, it’s awakend and shit, so you better not be steriotypical smal-town and young american campers. Shit, oh fuck. It was kinda fun, and i got the idea and i respect that and it made me laugh once in while too. But, oh, well.. see ya’ later i guess.