JWD: Piggy (2012)

Called ‘the new Clockwork Orange-phenomenon’ and compared with another classic shuch as; ‘Fight Club’.

Joe; a quite boring dude living in London and suffering from anxity, gets his sad castrated boring life (sounds familiar) turned upside down when his older brother John, get’s killed by a gang of no-good hooligans after a night at the pubs. A few days later, a stranger calling himself; ‘Piggy’ knocks on the door- claming to be an old friend of John’s. ‘Piggy’, we never get to learn his background (and are there any), is some sort of a torpedo-type and he soon begins to pass down his skills and knowledge to Joe so he can beat the fucking shit out of the bloody cunts who murdered his brother. A deep dark emotional film that might be easy to releate to by many people i suspose, if you can catch the massage and feel the undertones. It’s quite fast-paced i must say_but the story, the soundtrack and all the characters are very well performed and makes it a well crafted film. You care for the main-dude; Joe, but also for the deranged, violent hitman-ish killer who is Piggy. A fastpaced movie with a message that means something. Oh, and also a very shaggable (nice and sweat) blond, that Joe get’s the feelings for_short hair, but very sexy. What can i say…im a piggy..