JWD: Martial Law (1990)

Does every american low-budget action flick from the early 90’s looks like an episode from Melrose Place ?

A quite obscure and overlooked action flick i suppose and a quite cool one_staring b-movie legend David Carradine as a crooked gangster and dojo owner with over fifty lives on his conscious. Though he’s not the main gye. The main guy is a young martial arts-skilled cop with a younger brother who apparently is no good and who always get’s his street smart kid’s-ass into trouble and begins to work for David Carradine’s charater; Dalton Rhodes. Big Brother where art thou?? And that’s the the story, but it works and it’s entertaining. The action is badass and very entertaining, the soundtrack is minimalistic and moody and the city of L.A just looked so incredably cool and nostlgic in the 1990’s, at least in all those low budget movies that was shoot on location there. I liked it-it’s enjoyable early 90’s American action pleasure, but it’s not in any way’s some piece of art, makes any sense? Well, im out for the evening, i chose not to drink anymore tonight_i have more in the fridge, but i also have duties in the morning and im hoping to score some … Check out the trailer…SKÅL!!